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Annual registration fee increases adopted by Spokane Clean Air’s Board of Directors

Today, following a 32-day public comment period and a public hearing, Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency’s Board of Directors amended the agency’s Annual registration fees. The fees will increase, as outlined below, on September 15, 2023.

Registration Fee CategoriesCurrent FeeNew Fee (effective 9/15/23)Percent Increase
Facility Fee$304$36520%
Emissions Fee$96/ton$11015%
Emissions Point Fee$96/stack$11015%
Synthetic Minor (SM) Fee$2,285$2,4005%

The SRCAA Board has a long-standing financial goal of full cost recovery for SRCAA’s fee-based programs. Annual registrations fees have not kept up with rising costs. Without the fee increase, the annual registration program has a projected deficit of $90,000. Once the current program deficit is resolved, the Board will consider more routine fee adjustments to minimize larger, unanticipated increases.

SRCAA’s annual registration program is required under the Washington State Clean Air Act. About 585 facilities in Spokane County are required to register with SRCAA, which involves submitting an annual registration form and related fees. Registration helps SRCAA verify compliance, maintain an accurate inventory of air emissions, and evaluate air pollution control strategies.

Assistance: If you would like assistance in determining how the amended registration fees may affect your specific facility’s fee(s), please call 509-477-4727 and ask to speak with an engineer, or send an email inquiry to Engineer@SpokaneCleanAir.org.

Response to Comment: SRCAA received one comment during the public comment period, which is addressed in this Response to Comment document.

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