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Asbestos NOI & Payment Portal

This tutorial provides an overview of the new e-NOI system and how to make an amendment.
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Submit and pay your Asbestos Notice of Intent (NOI)

Welcome to our online asbestos notification and payment portal.

Property owners affected by the Gray or Oregon Rd Fires:

5/15/24 Notice: Asbestos surveys must be completed soon! After June 30th, disaster assistance funds for reimbursement, and surveys performed by Spokane County contractors will no longer be available. Considering the disaster declaration, we (SRCAA) allowed an extended timeframe for completing surveys. The potential health and safety concerns associated with unidentified asbestos in the debris cannot go unaddressed indefinitely. Please be considerate of your neighbors and community members and utilize funding opportunities while they are still available. If you removed your debris without getting a survey, you are still required to obtain a survey to ensure no asbestos was left behind. In June, SRCAA will begin issuing notices to property owners with a deadline to complete the asbestos survey. Not meeting the deadline may result in a monetary civil penalty.

8/25/23, NOTICE: For structures damaged by the August 2023 Gray and Oregon Road wildfires in Spokane County: We are waiving all asbestos notification fees for the demolition and renovation of affected structures. After logging in, select the “2023 wildfire damaged structures” to file.

Link to our FAQs regarding fire damaged structures.

Link to Graham Rd Landfill guidance.

You do not need to notify us if you are…

  • performing the project outside of Spokane County;
  • doing the removal yourself and your project qualifies as an owner-occupied, single-family residence;
  • removing only caulking, nonfriable window glazing, and/or nonfriable roofing;
  • removing less than 10 linear feet or less than 48 square feet of ACM per structure, per calendar year;
  • removing underground storage tanks with no asbestos; and/or
  • demolishing a structure with a projected roof area less than or equal to 120 square feet which contains no asbestos.

You MUST notify us if you are…

  • working on a project that is located anywhere in Spokane County and any of the following apply:
    • removing 10 or more linear feet of asbestos per structure, per calendar year;
    • removing 48 or more square feet of asbestos per structure, per calendar year; and/or
    • performing demolition on a structure with a projected roof area greater than 120 square feet.

To submit a notification to Spokane Clean Air, you will need:

  • an asbestos survey (see Homeowner or Contractor information);
  • a credit card; and
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser.

First time filing online? You’ll need to set up an account.

In late 2019, we launched our new electronic Notice of Intent submittal portal. Please review everything carefully as there have been changes.

If you are a first-time users, you will be prompted to create a new login account. There are benefits to setting up an account:

  • Amend your notification if the project type, category, type of asbestos, start date or completion date changes, or if the project is cancelled (more on amendments in next section)
  • View notifications you have submitted
  • Reuse your contact and mailing information for each notification

Filing Amendments

All amendments to a notification must be made prior to the project completion dates you provided and prior to the new start date.

Filing Amendments – when you make an amendment, the new information is put in the NOI form itself. (Previously, the amendment was separate and the NOI form never changed.) Therefore, when you make an amendment, you must print the NOI form to show the new information. Remember to keep all versions the NOI on-site and available for review.

The list of “amendments” is actually a history of the information that was on the NOI form before you made the amendment. So, current information is on the form and previous information is on the list –which is the opposite of the former system.

If you have questions, contact us by email or phone at (509) 477-4727.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL USERS OF THIS ELECTRONIC SYSTEM – SRCAA has partnered with a third party service provider to provide you with convenient online payment services via credit or debit payments. IN ORDER TO USE THIS SERVICE YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY A NON-REFUNDABLE CONVENIENCE FEE IN ADDITION TO THE AMOUNT(S) OWED TO SRCAA, currently 2.5% or a $2.00 minimum. Please note that the service provider will appear as the merchant of record next to your payment on your bank or credit card statement. Cash or check payments will not be assessed the Convenience Fee.

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