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Rob’s Demolition named the 2023 Clean Air Award recipient

The Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency is proud to recognize Rob’s Demolition, Inc., as the 2023 Clean Air Award winner.

“Rob’s Demolition is to be commended for the impeccable work they do on multiple levels to ensure that asbestos is properly identified and handled prior to demolition,” said Scott Windsor, Spokane Clean Air’s Executive Director.

Asbestos is a known human carcinogen that becomes a health threat if building materials containing asbestos are damaged or disturbed, as can occur during renovation and demolition projects. When this occurs, microscopic asbestos fibers are released to the air. Exposure to these fibers can lead to a host of health problems, including asbestosis and mesothelioma – two diseases that often develop years after the initial exposure.

To reduce uncontrolled releases of asbestos, Spokane Clean Air works with the renovation and demolition industry to ensure that businesses properly identify suspect building materials before renovation and demolition projects begin.

“It just makes good sense to do things right from the beginning,” stated Cory Carper, owner of Rob’s Demolition, a local family owned and operated company founded in 1977.

“Cutting corners by ignoring or sidestepping requirements to save money just ends up costing more in the long run. The requirements exist to protect everyone – employees, customers, the community around the job sites – from the potentially devastating effects of asbestos exposure,” added Carper.

According to Spokane Clean Air, Rob’s Demolition takes the asbestos control standards seriously and makes compliance a priority. They stay up to date on the asbestos requirements, they provide on-going training to their employees, they take pride in their work, and they care about their employees, customers and our community.

“We are proud to present the 19th Annual Clean Air Award to Rob’s Demolition, and acknowledge owner Cory Carper, and longtime employee Jay Torgerson, for their outstanding efforts,” said Windsor. “Their actions benefit our community and the air we all share,” Windsor added.

The Clean Air Award is presented annually to recognize innovation and commitment by a facility to reduce air emissions and thus improve air quality in Spokane County. Additional information, including a list of past award recipients is here.

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