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Agency Staff Directory

Our staff of 19 have expertise in air quality engineering, compliance, atmospheric science, air quality monitoring, public education/outreach, finance, human resources, and administrative services.

Below is our staff listing by work area. Please feel free to reach out directly to a staff member if you have a question or concern.

Please note that our staff are unable to receive text messaging on their mobile phones.

Executive Director & Administrative Staff

Scott Windsor, Executive Director
Office: ext. 121
Mobile: 509-863-8348 

Margee Chambers, Rule Writer & SIP Planner
Office: ext. 114
Mobile: 509-862-8255

Michelle Zernick, Finance & HR Manager, Public Records Officer
Office: 509-477-4727 ext. 116
Mobile: 509-862-8987

Administrative Assistants:

Mary Kataoka,, ext. 100

Amber Ellis,, ext. 117

Calie Maki,, ext. 119

Air Monitoring & Forecasting

Mark Rowe, Air Monitoring Manager
Office: 509-477-4727 ext. 113
Mobile: 509-863-8489

Mike McKay, Air Quality Technician
Office: ext. 112
Mobile: 509-863-8490

Communications & Outreach

Lisa Woodard, Communications/Outreach Manager
Office: 509-477-4727 ext. 115
Mobile: 509-863-2463

Vacant, Public Information/Outreach Specialist

Compliance & Enforcement

Lori Rodriguez, Compliance Manager
Office: 509-477-4727 ext. 102

Compliance Inspectors:

Derek Aubrey
Office: ext. 120
Mobile: 509-863-4706

Brandy Dickinson
Office: ext. 101
Mobile: 509-863-8222

Deirdre Fitzgerald
Office: ext. 108
Mobile: 509-863-8227

Clayton Krietzman
Office: ext. 124
Mobile: 509-863-2011

Russ Neumiller
Office: ext. 104
Mobile: 509-863-2573

Vaughn Roadruck
Office: ext. 106
Mobile: 509-863-8276

Engineering & Permitting

April Westby, PE, Supervisory Engineer
Office: 509-477-4727 ext. 105
Mobile: 509-862-8875

John Conklin, EIT, Air Quality Engineer
Office: ext. 107
Mobile: 509-863-8345

Joe Southwell, PE, Air Quality Engineer
Office: ext. 103
Mobile: 509-862-8847