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Working with you for clean air

Why should you care about our air? For many reasons! Perhaps the most vital reason is to protect your health and overall well-being. Clean air is also important for plants and animals. Our economy also benefits from clean air.

The majority of air pollution in Spokane County comes from individual actions. The daily choices we make like how we heat our homes, how we travel around town, the products we purchase, and other choices can all affect air quality. We all play a role in protecting and preserving this vital resource.

Take time to explore ways you can help care for the air we share. 

Outreach event at Mobius Science Center with Spokane Clean Air staff assisting a child.

Request a virtual presentation

Spokane Clean Air is available to engage students and other clubs in Spokane County with virtual presentations.
Presentations can be customized to fit your current lessons and provide a fun way for students to discover more about Spokane’s air quality.
Contact Anneka Pawlak at 509-477-4727, ext. 125 or APawlak@spokanecleanair.org to schedule a presentation.

Questions? Give us a call.


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