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Regulations & Fees

Air quality regulations & consolidated fee schedule

We encourage residents and business owners to review our regulations. New and revised regulation documents are uploaded on or near their effective date, not their adoption date.

If you would like these documents in another format, please contact us.

Consolidated Fee Schedule

View or download the consolidated fee schedule. 

Regulation I

Table of Contents for Regulation I and Appendix

Each section of Regulation I is provided below, or entire Regulation I document is here.

Article I-II: Policy, short title and definitions

Article I: Policy, short title and definitions

Article II: General provisions

Article III: General Provisions

Article III: Variances

Article IV: Registration

Article IV: Types of facilities required to register and registration requirements

Article V: New, modified and temporary stationary sources; replacement or alteration of emissions control equipment

Article V: New source review for stationary sources and portable sources

Article VI: Emissions prohibited

Article VII: Repealed

Article VII: Compliance Schedules, Repealed 4/10/04, Res. 04-01

Article VIII: Solid fuel burning device standards 

Article IX: Asbestos control standards

Full regulation.
Below are links to the same pdf document, but opens to the pertinent page for each section:

9.01 – purpose (page 1)

9.02 – definitions (pages 1 – 5)

9.03 – asbestos survey requirements (pages 6 – 11)

9.04 – notification requirements (pages 11 – 18)

9.05 – asbestos disturbance (pages 18 – 20)

9.06 – procedures for asbestos projects (pages 20 – 23)

9.07 – procedures for nonfriable asbestos-containing roofing material (pages 23 – 24)

9.08 – alternate means of compliance (pages 24 – 30)

9.09 – disposal of asbestos-containing waste material (pages 30 – 33)

9.10 – compliance with other rules (page 33)

Article X: Fees and Charges