Spokane Clean Air consults during a source inspection.

Business Recognition

Local businesses making a difference

Spokane Clean Air is pleased to share the outstanding work being done by local businesses to reduce their emissions. All of the businesses featured on this page are recognized for their work to go “above and beyond” air quality requirements. Their efforts are making a difference in improving the air we all share. We recognize these efforts in a variety of ways, including:

  • Business Spotlight features in our Compliance Assistance Program newsletter
  • Clean Air Award, presented annually, details below.
  • Doing our Share for Clean Air, our biannual recognition, details below.

Annual Clean Air Award

Each year, Spokane Clean Air recognizes a company for their consistent, demonstrated commitment to reduce their air emissions. The award is presented publicly to express our appreciation for innovation and to encourage others to follow suit. 

The 2021 Clean Air Award recipient is AFCO Distribution & Milling.

Past award recipients in alphabetical order: 

Avista Corporation
Beacon Cleaners & Laundry
Central Pre-Mix
Costco Gasoline Facility, north
CXT, Inc
Eastern Washington University
Ed’s Premier Auto Body
ExxonMobil Spokane Terminal
Fairchild Air Force Base
Fiber-Tech Industries
Gonzaga University
Huntwood Industries
Inland Empire Paper Co
Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital
Ross Printing
Spokane International Airport

Doing Our Share for Clean Air

Spokane Clean Air strives to recognize local businesses for the work they do to reduce air emissions and improve air quality in our community.

Every two years, we recognize businesses in our registration program who apply to receive either silver or gold recognition.

Silver level recognition are those businesses meeting air quality requirements for their business.

Gold level recognizes businesses that have gone “above and beyond” their requirements by implementing additional actions to improve air quality.

To receive recognition, businesses must meet the minimum criteria listed below:


  • The facility has not been issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) by Spokane Clean Air in the last two calendar years and during the most recent facility inspection.
  • The Annual Registration Form is complete and submitted to Spokane Clean Air by the required due date for the two most recent data collection cycles. 
  • The Annual Registration fees were submitted to Spokane Clean Air by the required due date during the two most recent billing cycles. 


Must meet the Silver requirements above, plus:

  • The facility has not been issued a Corrective Action (CA) by Spokane Clean Air in the last two calendar years and during the most recent inspection of my facility
  • The facility has implemented at least two measures that go “above and beyond” air quality requirements. Examples include:
    • Energy Efficiency – lighting, heating/cooling, water heating, equipment, combustion efficiency
    • Process changes, source reduction, material substitution
    • Sector Specific – back-up generators, boilers, dry cleaners, gas stations, printers, surface coaters
    • Transportation – commute trip reduction, no idle policies, cleaner fleet vehicles
    • Participated in the Spokane Clean Air’s P2 consultation in the past
    • Is a local EnviroCertified business

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Gold businesses!

Alliance Door Products

Altek Inc

American Way Collision Center

Ball & Dodd Crematory

Bonneville Power Administration 

Community Colleges of Spokane

City of Spokane Fleet Services

Custom Body Co

Dark Capital

Ed’s Premier Auto Body

Galaxy Compound Semiconductors

Haakon Industries

My Car Collision Center

PAML Labcorp Co

Precision Door & Millwork

ProRecycle LLC

Safeway Distribution

Shriners Hospital

Spokane Regional Health District

The Woodman

Travis Iron Works

Travis Pattern & Foundry

Western Systems & Fabrication

Lloyd Campbell, AFCO Director of Wholesale Distribution & Milling with the 2021 Clean Air Award.

Meet our 2021 Clean Air Award recipient

Formerly known as Aslin Finch, AFCO Distribution & Milling manufactures a variety of feed products that are shipped to eight northwest states as well as Hong Kong and Japan. Eighty percent of the grains used in production of their feeds are sourced from the productive farmland surrounding Spokane.

Read more about AFCO Distribution & Milling’s commitment to clean air.