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Restrictions on wood heating and outdoor burning, effective 8 a.m., Sat., Nov. 19th

Due to stagnant weather patterns and increasing fine particle (smoke) pollution, restrictions on outdoor burning and indoor wood heating will go into effect at 8 a.m., Saturday, November 19, until further notice.

“We are issuing these temporary restrictions as a cautionary measure to protect public health. Microscopic smoke particles have the potential to reach unhealthful levels over the next few days due to a very strong air stagnation forming over our region,” said Scott Windsor, Executive Director of Spokane Clean Air.

Under a Stage 1/Yellow burn ban:

  • The use of fireplaces, non EPA-certified wood stoves/inserts, and other non-certified wood-burning devices is prohibited in the Spokane County Smoke Control Zone. *Residents with wood as their sole source of heat are exempt from restrictions and should contact Spokane Clean Air.
  • Outdoor burning is banned throughout Spokane County.
  • The use of EPA-certified wood stoves, pellet stoves and other EPA-certified wood-burning devices is allowed.

How to tell if your wood burning device is EPA-certified:

Look for a permanent metal EPA certification label on the side or back of your wood stove. If there is no label, it likely is not EPA-certified. Homemade stoves are not EPA-certified.

Spokane County Smoke Control Zone boundaries are roughly:

City of Spokane
North to Owens Road
Spokane Valley to Idaho border
South to Gibbs Road

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