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Burn Restrictions

Current restrictions (Spokane County):

Effective Tuesday, July 2: Local fire and county officials have restricted outdoor burning. This flyer provides details on the restrictions, which are consistent throughout Spokane County (incorporated and unincorporated areas).

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has restricted outdoor burning on DNR-protected lands in our region. For details, visit DNR’s burn restrictions webpage.

Thank you for checking the current burning restrictions.

Current Status
In Effect
Outdoor burning is restricted throughout Spokane County

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Understanding burn restrictions

Spokane Clean Air, local fire protection agencies, and County officials may issue temporary restrictions on burning for different purposes, outlined below. We work together to communicate current burn restrictions to area residents.

Air Quality vs Fire Danger Burn Restrictions

Air Quality versus Fire Safety Restrictions

Air quality-based restrictions are issued and enforced by Spokane Clean Air when fine particle pollution (PM2.5) is rising or is already elevated. These restrictions on wood heating and outdoor burning are most often issued during fall/winter, but can be issued other times of year. When air quality is affected during wildfires season, restrictions are typically in place (see below).

Fire safety restrictions can be placed on outdoor burning by fire protection agencies and County officials. Restrictions are typically in place during summer and into fall. Spokane Clean Air does not issue restrictions based on fire risk, but we can enforce the restrictions. For more information on fire safety burn restrictions, contact your county or fire department fire marshal.

Exemptions from Wood Heating Burn Restrictions

If you do not have an adequate source of heat, you may apply for a seasonal exemption. Garages, outbuildings, etc., do not qualify for exemptions.

Please apply before the start of the heating season. To qualify for an exemption, one or more or these situations must apply:

  • You have no adequate source of heat. Residence originally constructed with wood heating device as primary source of heat.
  • Your income qualifies for energy assistance per SNAP.
  • Your primary heat system is temporarily inoperable and being repaired. 

If a burn restriction is in effect and you have not applied for an exemption, you may qualify for a one-time, 10-day temporary exemption. There is no fee for this temporary exemption but it is limited to one per property address, including rentals. It is designed to provide you with 10 consecutive days to apply for one of the three seasonal exemptions listed above.

To apply please call Spokane Clean Air at 509-477-4727 during office hours (Mon–Fri., 8 am – 4:30 pm) If it is outside of office hours (evenings/weekends) please still call the phone number and leave your name, phone number and address on the recording.

Whether you heat regularly with wood or just have a fire occasionally, be aware of the additional wood burning requirements.

Air Quality-Based Restrictions on Wood Heating and Outdoor Burning

There are two stages of temporary restrictions on burning:

Stage 1 restrictions are initiated when fine particle pollution is rising and expected to continue to rise based on current and forecasted weather conditions. During a Stage 1:

  • No burning is allowed in wood-burning fireplaces, uncertified wood stoves, or uncertified fireplace inserts unless this is your only adequate source of heat and you have an approved exemption from Spokane Clean Air.* Restrictions typically apply to the Spokane County Smoke Control Zone (map in next section) but can be extended countywide.
  • All outdoor burning of solid fuel (e.g. wood, charcoal) is prohibited countywide.

Stage 2 restrictions are initiated when fine particle pollution levels reach a trigger value set by state law.

  • No burning is allowed in ANY wood burning device, unless this is your only adequate source of heat and you have an approved exemption from Spokane Clean Air.* Restrictions typically apply to the Spokane County Smoke Control Zone (map in next section) but can be extended countywide.
  • All outdoor burning of solid waste (e.g. wood, charcoal) is prohibited in Spokane County

*Excess visible smoke is never allowed. Learn more about this and other wood heating requirements here.

Smoke Control Zone

Wood heating restrictions are typically issued for the Smoke Control Zone (map below), although they can be extended countywide if conditions dictate. If an air pollution episode is declared by the state, a restriction can extend throughout the region or state.

The Smoke Control Zone represents the more concentrated residential and commercial areas of the County, areas where air pollution levels are highest due to the density of homes and businesses and air flow patterns.

Outdoor burn restrictions apply countywide when Spokane Clean Air issues a Stage 1/Yellow or Stage 2/Red Impaired Air Quality burn restrictions.

The boundaries of the Smoke Control Zone are roughly:

City of Spokane

North to Owens Road

Spokane Valley to Idaho border

South to Gibbs Road

West to Hayford Road

If you live close to the boundary lines, call us at 509-477-4727 during normal business hours, and we can assist you by using a more detailed map.