Spokane Clean Air consults during a source inspection.

Business Registration & Assistance

Annual Registration for Businesses

Commercial and industrial facilities regulated by Spokane Clean Air must register annually. Registration verifies compliance and helps maintain an accurate inventory of air pollutants. Facility data also helps with the evaluation of pollution control strategies which are designed to meet national air quality standards. Registration includes annual reporting, annual fees and periodic inspections. Registration Info Sheet.

Not sure if your business needs to register? Review Regulation I, Section IV – sources required to register.

Annual Registration Timeline

January – Two important items are mailed to facilities in January:

  • Invoice for the annual registration fees which include a facility fee, an emissions fee, and an emissions point fee. Fees allow your business to operate their air pollution control equipment for the calendar year.  
  • The annual registration form is to report the annual data from the previous year, related to your operations. This includes material/product usage from the previous calendar year. This information reported is used to calculate air emissions and related fees for the next annual registration fee invoice.

Compliance Site Visits and Assistance

Compliance Inspections are conducted by agency staff to verify compliance with existing air quality permit requirements, as well as any local, state and federal air pollution regulations.

Compliance Assistance for your business is provided should you have any questions or concerns regarding air quality permit or other requirements. You can contact an agency inspector at any time. In addition, we provide a free consultation upon request. We realize there are many aspects to operating a successful business, including maneuvering the maze of regulatory requirements.

  • Trained and experienced staff to answer your questions
  • Publications and resources geared toward specific types of operations. 
  • Free on-site (or virtual if necessary) consultation to assist with air quality compliance questions and concerns and to discuss additional opportunities beyond compliance, including:
    • additional emissions reductions that could result in reduced emissions-based fees
    • potential issues that could arise during a scheduled inspection, along with a timeline for correction/improvement 

Call John Conklin at 509-477-4727 x 107, to schedule a consultation.

Business Recognition

We encourage businesses to meet air quality requirements and to consider ways to “go beyond” compliance. Our Business Recognition Program is a way to applaud these efforts and encourage others to follow suit.