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May is Clean Air Month

Clock tower in Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA

We all share the air

With every breath we take, our lungs are exposed to the world around us, filtering over 11,000 liters of air each day.

Since the majority of air pollution comes from our daily activities, we each play an important role in protecting the air we share.

May is a great time to explore the many ways you can help care for our air. 


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May 20, 2022

May I burn outdoors? Answers to this FAQ…

Spring is the time of year when we receive the most inquiries from area residents about outdoor burning on private property.

Our Mission

“Preserve, enhance and protect Spokane County’s air resources for current and future generations.”

It’s never too early to prepare for wildfire smoke – start with creating a cleaner air space in your home.