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Measuring and reporting air quality in Spokane County

Pictured above is the air quality monitoring station in Airway Heights. Data
from all Spokane County monitoring stations is provided here. Scroll
to see map of all the sites, as well as answers to FAQs about air monitoring.

What’s in our air?

Our agency seeks to answer this question every day. We do so through a network of sophisticated air quality monitors located throughout Spokane County.

The air pollutants measured are those most prevalent and troublesome to public health and for which exist federal, health-based standards. The “key three” are fine particles (PM2.5), coarse particles (PM10) and ozone (03).

So, what exactly are these pollutants, where do they come from, and how do they harm our health…read more

Our Mission

“Preserve, enhance and protect Spokane County’s air resources for current and future generations.”

It’s never too early to prepare for wildfire smoke – start with creating a cleaner air space in your home.