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January 22, 2019

Air Quality: Current and Forecast

The EPA’s AirNow system is currently down. Since the data displayed on our "Current Air Quality" and "Air Quality Forecast" is automatically fed via AirNow, the data is not appearing. We’ve manually posted the information below: Current Air Quality:  Air quality in the good range and is expected to remain good throughout today and tomorrow. Below…
January 15, 2019

Apply for a sponsorship grant to bring AQTreks to your classroom

Calling all high school science teachers in Spokane County! To celebrate Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency’s 50 Anniversary, the agency is sponsoring three (3) high schools in Spokane County to participate in the AQTreks program at no cost. The AQTreks program allows students to measure real-time air quality using Personal Air Monitors or PAMs. PAMs…