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Air Stagnation Prompts Burn Bans, Health Concerns

Friday, November 1, 2019:

Yesterday, rising levels of smoke pollution prompted Spokane Clean Air to issue temporary restrictions on all outdoor burning and some indoor wood heating.

This morning, the National Weather Service issued an AIR STAGNATION ADVISORY due to a ridge of high pressure over the area that results in poor mixing of the atmosphere. This allows pollutants to accumulate in the air. Fine particles from wood smoke can easily get into people’s lungs, causing heart and breathing problems. Poor air quality may cause issues for people with respiratory problems.

For Spokane County, residents can check current air quality here. People with respiratory illness should follow their healthcare provider’s advice for dealing with high levels of air pollution during periods of stagnant air.

The Air Stagnation Advisory will be evaluated on Tuesday, and could possibly be extended through the week, depending on conditions.


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