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#Days (1999-current) smoke caused unhealthy air quality 


Wildfire Smoke

Like much of the western U.S., our region has seen an increase in the number of unhealthy air quality days caused by wildfire smoke. During four of the last five years, smoke from wildfires resulted in 44 days of unhealthy air in the Spokane County metro area.

Wildfire  Season  

# of days smoke from wildfires failed to meet federal, health-based air quality standards

2019 2
2018  13
2017  16
2016 0
2015 13
2014 1
2013 0
2012 2
2011 0
2010 1

Wildfire smoke contains harmful compounds and fine particles. When inhaled, microscopic smoke particles bypass the body's natural defense system and travel deep into the lungs.

Often the wildfire smoke that affects our local air quality is from fires hundreds or thousands of miles from a fire. While we can't predict what the smoke impacts will be this summer, we can be prepared. Below are some recommendations and on the left are links to additional resources.

Resources: A wide variety of resources are listed in the column on the left. As new materials become available, we will update the list.


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