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No-Idle Zone program today! 
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No-Idle Zone Program

Families and school principal celebrate No Idle Zone at Snowdon Elementary School, Cheney, WA

Stop unnecessary vehicle idling to improve air quality and respiratory health around your school!

No one wants children breathing exhaust, and yet a great deal of idling takes place at schools, where buses and cars line up to drop off and pick up children. Children are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of vehicle exhaust.

Did you know...a single vehicle dropping off and picking up kids at one school puts three pounds of pollution into the air per month? Putting the brakes on unnecessary vehicle idling is one relatively easy way to contribute to better air for our kids and our communities.

If you are interested in implementing a No-Idle Zone program at your school or adapting it for another organization, our agency can help with advice and consultation, signs and other collateral. Program coordinators could be a teacher, parent, PTA group, student group or other interested party.

Program materials include:

Is your school on the list? See below for a list of participating schools. Not on the list? It's easy to sign-up, just read below and take action!

School Program

Interested elementary and middle schools may sign up for this program. It's really quite simple to participate. As a school, you agree to:

Community Program

In addition to schools, the No-Idle Zone is reaching into communities and neighborhoods in the Spokane-area. Congratulations to the City of Liberty Lake, Washington! They are the first city in Washington to pass a No-Idle Zone resolution to support and encourage their residents to avoid unnecessary idling in their community. The City of Millwood also adopted a No-Idle Zone resolution. 

Sign up today!

This program is available throughout Spokane County. To sign up and get your free materials, contact Stephanie at (509) 477-4727, ext. # 125.

No-Idle Zone Schools

Congratulations to these Spokane County schools that have implemented the No-Idle Zone program.

Central Valley School District:
 South Pines, Sunrise, University, Bowdish MS, Greenacres MS, North Pines MS

Cheney School District: 
Betz, Salnave, Snowdon, Sunset, Windsor, HomeWorks, Westwood MS, Cheney MS

East Valley School District:
East Farms, Otis Orchards, Trent, Trentwood Elementary, East Valley MS

Mead School District:
Evergreen, Meadow Ridge, Prairie View, Mountainside MS

Medical Lake School District:
Hallett, Michael Anderson, Medical Lake MS

Spokane School District:
Adams Elementary, Balboa, Franklin, Hamblen, Hutton Elementary, Libby Center, Logan, Madison, Moran Prairie, Mullan Rd, Wilson, Woodridge, Sacajewea MS, Spokane Public Montessori 

West Valley School District:
Ness, Orchard Center, Pasadena Park, Seth Woodard, Millwood, West Valley City School, Centennial MS 

Private Schools:
Spokane International Academy, St. Aloysius Catholic School, St. Charles Catholic School, St. John Vianney Catholic School, Pioneer School

3104 E Augusta Ave, Spokane, WA 99207 · (509) 477-4727 · working with you for clean air

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