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Wood Stove Change-Out Program 

Update: Our state grant funding has ended and we are no longer accepting applications. If the state allocates funding in the future, we will apply for a grant renewal. If we receive a grant, we'll update this page so please check back in late September to mid-October. 

Do you heat with an old wood stove (1995 or older?) 
If a future grant is secured, Spokane-area homeowners will be able to apply for an "instant rebate" to changeout their 1995 or older, non-EPA certified freed standing wood stove or stove fireplace insert to a new wood, pellet of gas device. The discount amount (these amounts might change with the next cycle of grant funding if we receive a grant) is subtracted from the purchase AND professional installation cost by a participating retailer.

The following discounts have been provided in the past to pre-qualified applicants at the time of purchase:

Do I qualify?

If you live within the Spokane County Smoke Control Zone (see basic map on right) and if you regularly heat with a non-EPA certified or pre-1995 wood stove (freestanding or insert) then you may qualify. If you live close to a boundary line on the map and need assistance to determine if you are in or out of the Smoke Control Zone, please call (509) 477-4727.  Owners of occupied rental homes can apply on behalf of their renters who use wood heat and meet the other requirements.

Does my stove qualify?

Non-EPA certified devices or those devices manufactured prior to 1995 are eligible. EPA-certified devices should be labeled as such, either on the back, side or top of the device (see graphic below). If not, try to locate the original paperwork. You can also check this list of EPA-certified devices. If there is no label on your device and your device is NOT listed on the EPA certification list, chances are it is non-certified and can be changed-out under this program. If your device is certified but is 20 years or older, it will qualify for changeout as well. 

How do I apply?

If we receive a renewal grant, we will update and post the application form here. The form will need to be signed and mailed in with a photo of your existing, installed and operational wood stove.

If approved, you will be mailed a dated, numbered discount voucher and a list of participating retailers/dealers who are approved for the program. They will apply the voucher value toward the purchase AND installation of the new device. The voucher has a 6-week expiration and can only be redeemed at participating retailers who sell and install these devices.

Do fireplaces qualify to be changed-out?

No. Fireplaces, including pre-fab fireplaces with glass doors are not considered "fireplace inserts" and therefore do not qualify. Because of limited funding, only airtight wood burning stoves (free-standing or "inserted" into a fireplace) may be changed-out. These devices are those used most frequently for home heating. Also, pellet stoves cannot be replaced under this funding because they are cleaner burning than old wood burning devices.

Why upgrade?

Old wood burning stoves and inserts are less efficient that the new technology devices. They also produce more smoke. New technology devices heat more efficiently and cleanly. This means saving money and improving air quality inside your home and outdoors!


What if I already bought a new stove, can I still get the money? 

Unfortunately, no. This program is not-retroactive. Only those with currently installed and operational old wood stoves or inserts are eligible. Other terms and conditions apply. 

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