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Visit our virtual Valleyfest booth

Each September we look forward to a booth at Valleyfest. Our staff enjoys interacting with individuals and families alike. We provide hands-on activities for children to explore air quality and enjoy conversations with neighbors on a variety of topics, such as wildfire smoke season, asbestos requirements during home remodeling, and ways to burn cleaner and more efficiently in wood stoves.  

But, like many events this year, an in-person Valleyfest was not feasible. Thoughtful action from Valleyfest organizers, however, took the event virtual. Similar to past Valleyfest events, the virtual platform allowed for a “main stage” and provided live-streamed entertainment. While a virtual “main hall” provided a digital space for vendors to showcase their wares or deliver information.

To visit Spokane Clean Air’s virtual booth, click here.

More about Valleyfest can be found here

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