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SRCAA Board adopts revisions to agency’s registration program

Following a public comment period and hearing, the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency (SRCAA) Board of Directors adopted revisions to Article IV, Section 4.04(A), Article V, Section 5.02(I) and Article X, Section 10.15 (A) & (B) that removed marijuana producers and processors from the agency’s annual registration program. Revisions are effective March 9, 2023.

Although marijuana producers and processors will not be part of SRCAA’s annual registration program, they must still comply with Article VI, Section 6.18 – Standards for marijuana producers and processors. Producers and processor also must comply with other provisions in SRCAA Regulation I, including but not limited to:

  • Article IV Registration, for other applicable categories listed in Section 4.04.
  • Article V New source review (air quality permits), for other applicable categories. Because marijuana producers and processors will be removed from the list in Article IV, Section 4.04, they will not be required to obtain an air quality permit, unless they have equipment or activities that are included in Section 4.04.
  • Article VI, Sections 6.01 Outdoor burning and 6.04 Emissions of an air contaminant detrimental to person, property.
  • Article IX Asbestos control standards.

The revisions will not affect SRCAA’s ability to address future odor concerns from this business sector. If a marijuana producer or processor has compliance issues with SRCAA Regulation I, the agency can pursue enforcement action and/or SRCAA’s control officer can require registration under Article IV, Section 4.04(A)(2)(c).

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