Fines Collected for Violations

We enforces federal, state and local air quality laws to protect communities and to keep our air healthy. Violations of air quality laws put public health and the environment at risk. Compliance and enforcement efforts also level the playing field by deterring violators who might otherwise have an unfair business advantage over environmentally compliant facilities and businesses.

A five (5) year history of penalties issued by Spokane Clean Air is available below for public review. The penalty amount assessed to the responsible party(ies) is based on a variety of factors, such as the seriousness and duration of the violation, the responsiveness in correcting the violation, compliance history, and the economic benefit gained by non-compliance.

The database is searchable by entering your search criteria into the categories provided. You can click on a column header to sort the data as you wish. This information is generally updated weekly. Read our disclaimer.


NOV Number Date Issued Penalty Issued To Settlement Amount Settlement Date


SRCAA has made every reasonable effort to accurately post violation information on this website. However, the information set forth is only a summary for the convenience of the public, and therefore SRCAA does not warrant that the information is accurate and/or complete. Individuals should not rely solely on the information set forth in the summary, but should request or review the official records maintained at SRCAA before making any decisions with respect to a particular company. Should any error in the posted information be identified, please notify SRCAA at (509) 477-4727 so that corrections can be made, if appropriate.