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Summary of NSR/General Reg Updates effective September 1, 2020

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Summary of New Source Review / General Regulation Updates Effective September 1, 2020.

Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency's New Source Review and General Regulation revisions are now in effect. 

Key updates, links are provided below:

Regulation I

Article II
Section 2.09 – Source Testing Updates

Section 2.13 – State and federal regulations adoption by reference date
Section 2.14 – State regulations adopting by reference

Sections 2.16-2.19 –Federal regulations adopting by reference Updates

Article IV, Section 4.02 – Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plan Updates:

Requires all registered facilities to have and comply with O&M plans and etablishes what should be included in O&M plans and recordkeeping to demonstrate compliance. O&M requirements will align with state requirements (WAC 173-400-101(4)) and mirror the requirements in an air quality permits issued by SRCAA.

Article IV, Section 4.03 – Registration Exemption Documentation Requirements Updates:

Requires all facilities exempt from registration requirements to keep records documenting their exemption status and be able to produce such records when requested by SRCAA staff. Provides steps required for an exempt business should they exceed exemption criteria. Clarifies that being exempt from one Section does not exempt the business from the entirety of Regulation I.

Article IV, Section 4.04 – List of Source Categories Required to Register Updates:

a. Motor vehicle or motor vehicle component surface coating operations
b. General surface coating operations

Potential to Emit (PTE) is less than 100 lbs./yr. or PTE toxic air emissions does not exceed any Small Quantity Emission Rate (SQER) listed in Chapter 173-460 WAC. The de minimis levels become effective after surface coating regulation updates have been completed under a separate rulemaking proposal.

By establishing de minimus levels, we recognize that surface coating operations with lower emissions should be excluded from these requirements:

a.       Motor vehicles/vehicle components surface coaters with PTE below de minimis will still need to register annually with our agency but will not be required to use a paint booth, therefore will not have to obtain a permit.

b.       General surface coating operations with PTE below de minimis will not be required to register.

Note: The de minimis levels become effective after surface coating regulation updates are completed under a separate rulemaking proposal.

Article IV, Section 4.05 – Business Closure Criteria Updates:

Article V, Section 5.02 – New Source Review Exemption Requirements Updates:

Article V, Section 5.05 – Public Involvement Update:

Aligns the local regulation with Washington state’s public involvement requirements for air quality permitting. SRCAA can supplement its website notification with print advertising or other methods appropriate to notify the local community of air quality permitting actions.

Article V, Section 5.08 – Portable Source Permits Updates:

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