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Apply for a sponsorship grant to bring AQTreks to your classroom

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Calling all high school science teachers in Spokane County!

To celebrate Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency’s 50 Anniversary, the agency is sponsoring three (3) high schools in Spokane County to participate in the AQTreks program at no cost. The AQTreks program allows students to measure real-time air quality using Personal Air Monitors or PAMs.

PAMs give participants the ability to measure air pollution wherever their imagination takes them - from the top of a mountain to the boiler room of their school.

Application can be found here

Learn more about AQTreks at

About the AQTreks Program

The AQTreks program will bring three weeks of air quality science to classrooms in Spokane County. In AQTreks, with the assistance of their teachers, students hypothesize where air pollution levels may be high or low and use PAMs on Treks of their own design.

Air pollutants are measured and data are viewed on their smartphones. The data are automatically uploaded from the phone via WiFi or 3G and shared online for analysis, discussion and comparison with other schools’ Trek data.

The PAM used for this AQTreks sponsorship will have the ability to monitor carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulates, temperature, pressure and relative humidity. 


Applications are open to high school teachers in Spokane County. Once the applications are received, Spokane Clean Air will select the three (3) schools/teachers to participate in the program and will contact the recipients. Those that are selected will schedule the rental with Spokane Clean Air based on availability from AQTreks. Rentals are to be completed between March – June 2019 and are provided at no cost to the selected school/teacher.   

Teachers and their students who are selected must be willing to present their experience with AQTreks at a Spokane Clean Air board meeting, advisory council meeting and/or city council meeting.

Applications due: February 28, 2019 and can be emailed to Stephanie May at or mailed to 3104 E. Augusta Avenue, Spokane, WA 99207

3104 E Augusta Ave, Spokane, WA 99207 · (509) 477-4727 · working with you for clean air

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