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Planning to renovate or demolish a structure?

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Remodeling, renovating or demolishing a structure? Be informed and avoid potential fines and job delays!

Spokane Clean Air staff are available to help you understand asbestos requirements which apply to both residential and commercial remodeling, renovation and demolition projects.

Why is asbestos harmful?

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral used in over 3,000 building materials for its durability and intrinsic fireproofing characteristics. Asbestos is still used today in some products. When asbestos-containing products are damaged or disturbed, microscopic asbestos fibers are released into the air, creating a potentially hazardous situation. Exposure to asbestos has been linked to cancer and other respiratory diseases.

What materials contain asbestos?

Some of the more common building materials that may contain asbestos are cement board siding, furnace insulation, vinyl sheet flooring (linoleum), vinyl floor tile, joint compound, blown-in insulation, “popcorn” ceiling texture and roofing materials, just to name a few.

What should l do?

Prior to starting any renovation or demolition project at your residence or business please review this asbestos information. Or, you can call Spokane Clean Air at 477-4727. Agency staff will provide you with information to help you avoid disturbing asbestos and potentially creating a hazardous situation.

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