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 Help navigate construction projects with the 
Spokane Regional Road Construction Map

By: Staci Lehman
Spokane Regional Transportation Council

The majority of ground-level pollution is caused by transportation sources. With over $100 million in road construction projects scheduled throughout Spokane County this construction season, there is the potential for a lot of pollution to be generated this year by people waiting in construction zones with their cars idling. It may also be a challenge getting around the many construction zones. While construction is necessary to repair roads and keep them safe, if you can avoid construction zones, it is best to do so to not only decrease pollution but also increase safety and reduce time in the car.

In addition to carpooling, walking or riding your bicycle to reduce the number of cars on the road, the Spokane Regional Transportation Council’s (SRTC’s) Spokane Regional Road Construction Map helps navigate the many construction projects that will pop up around the region. This countywide map helps prevent delays caused by road construction, because being stuck in traffic costs us all time and money- about $911. That’s how much the average commuter in our area pays each year for gas and time lost to being stalled by delays caused by construction and other issues. Plus, Spokane drivers spent an average of 15 hours each sitting in traffic in 2017.

Zoom in on your neighborhood or commute route to see what projects could slow youdown. For more details, click the colored lines or points that denotes a project location to read a description of it and find links to more information. The Regional Road Construction Map is updated weekly to show when projects are complete or new ones start. Projects are removed from the map as they are wrapped up.