The 2018 Clean Air Award recipient is Eastern Washington University

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Eastern Washington University is the 2018 Clean Air Award Recipient

Eastern Washington University (EWU) is the recipient of the 2018 Clean Air Award, presented annually by Spokane Clean Air to an organization that demonstrates innovation, leadership and a strong commitment to reducing air emissions.

"The Clean Air Award is given to publicly express our appreciation for innovation and to encourage others to follow suit," said Julie Oliver, Executive Director of Spokane Clean Air.

EWU has a student body of more than 13,500 and employees approximately 1,900. Their campus is roughly 155 acres with 58 buildings. The University has its own heating plant and fueling facilities for their service fleet. Most services required by the University are handled by University shops.

Most of their buildings have propane-powered back-up generators supplying emergency power. There is one diesel powered back-up generator for the Rozell Heating Plant. Propane is preferred over diesel for many reasons, including virtually zero emissions and no risk to contaminate soil or water due to spills. Generators are set to start automatically when an interruption is detected to the buildings power and shut down automatically when power is restored. All generators are tracked by hour and fuel use to determine greenhouse gas discharge.

EWU’s boilers are kept running at a high efficiency because of their attention to preventative maintenance and their use of available technologies. Year-round maintenance efforts reduce stack and heat loss, improves heat transfer and recovers waste heat.

The university had been using solvent stills which generate volatile organic compounds. With chemical substitution and thrifty management their use of the stills was minimal and eventually eliminated.

EWU’s commitment to environmental stewardship can be found in other areas throughout campus:

Spokane Clean Air commends and congratulates EWU for their ongoing commitment to reduce air emissions, which benefits us all. GO EAGS!

Pictured above is Julie Oliver, Executive Director, presenting the award to Chad Johnson, Eastern’s Environmental Health & Safety Manager, who accepted the award on behalf of Eastern.