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SRCAA Board Votes to Adopt Amendments to Regulation I, Article X: Fees & Charges; and Consolidated Fee Schedule

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Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency's Board of Directors Adopts
Revisions to Fees & Charges, and Consolidated Fee Schedule

Effective July 3, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

After the close of a 32-day public comment period and public hearing this morning, the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency's Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt amendments to SRCAA Regulation I, Article X: Fees and Charges, and Consolidated Fee Schedule. The changes will bring fees in line with full cost recovery as mandated by the Board.

What are the key amendments?

·         A revised fee calculation methodology to allow for hourly fee rates to reflect program hourly costs.

·         A revised fee structures for:

o   Modifications, Revisions to Notice of Construction (NOC) permits

o   Paving waiver permits

o   “Other outdoor burn” permits

·         Text and formatting updates to improve clarity, readability and consistency

Who may be affected by these amendments?

·         Businesses that apply for NOC revisions, Emission Reduction Credits, Alternate Opacity, and /or Other Requests. Spokane Clean Air receives an average of ten of these applications and requests per year.

·         Businesses that apply for a Paving Waiver. Spokane Clean Air averages six applications per year.

·         Businesses or individuals who apply for a Variance Request. Spokane Clean Air receives less than one variance request per year on average.

·         Businesses or individuals who apply for an “other outdoor burn” permit. This is for burning not covered in common burn permit categories and generally limited to burning deemed necessary for public health and safety. Spokane Clean Air receives less than one request per year on average.


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