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New Educational Videos on Air Sensors Released

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EPA has developed a series of educational videos designed to give the public information about air quality, health and lower-cost sensors. The videos are available in English and Spanish and can be used to learn how EPA collects and uses air quality data, how air quality health risks are communicated and how to interpret data collected using air sensors.

Many people are looking for credible air quality information to help reduce the risk from air pollution and to protect public health in their communities. Air sensors are usually lower in cost, portable, and generally easier to operate than the regulatory-grade air pollution monitors used in the United States to understand air quality conditions.

With increased availability of air sensors, thousands are now in use by individuals, community groups, health organizations and others. The popularity of these devices, however, has resulted in many questions about how to use and communicate the sensor data that is collected during monitoring.  The videos offer information to address common questions about these devices.

Watch the Videos and please share with others: https://www.epa.gov/air-sensor-toolbox/videos-air-sensor-measurements-data-quality-and-interpretation


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