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State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Washington state regulations require that a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review be performed for all Notice of Construction/ Portable Source Permit application reviews. The purpose of SEPA is to consider all of the environmental impacts for a project.

For most projects, SEPA is satisfied through the submittal of a completed Environmental Checklist to the lead agency for the project. The lead agency notifies other regulatory agencies of the project, initiates a public comment period, and issues a final SEPA review determination. 

When Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency is the lead agency for a SEPA review, a review fee is assessed upon completion of the Notice of Construction (NOC) or Portable Source Permit (PSP) application review. When Spokane Clean Air is not the lead agency, the applicant should provide a copy of the SEPA review determination with the NOC or PSP application. State regulations allow the use of previously prepared and reviewed SEPA documents for NOC / PSP application reviews, provided the previously prepared documents address impacts from the current proposal. 

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