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Notice of Intent Permits

An owner/operator of a portable/temporary stationary source must file an application for a Notice of Intent (NOI) approval prior to installing and operating the source. If you are looking for Asbestos NOI, click here.

A portable stationary source is portable or transportable (excluding non-road engines) and installed and operated at a specific site for a brief period, not to exceed 364 days (i.e. less than 12 consecutive months) and then is expected to be moved to another site and operated for another brief period. Portable stationary sources may include but are not limited to portable rock crushers, portable asphalt plants, and portable concrete batch plants. 

If the portable stationary source is not expected to operate again in the foreseeable future, it is considered temporary. Temporary, portable sources include but are not limited to temporary boilers while permanent boilers are undergoing maintenance, nonstationary stump grinders, and fugitive dust emissions associated with the construction of a new building.

For more details, refer to this 2-page NOI Info Sheet.

Spokane Clean Air maintains a list of NOC and NOI applications received for public review and comment. 

Applying for an NOI Permit

Permit application forms are available for specific types of operations and for others, a generic application should be used. The completed form and accompanying information, along with the base fee, and the SEPA Checklist (if required) must to mailed or hand-delivered to Spokane Clean Air.  The base fee for an NOI is $1,625 and it covers up to 16 hours of review time. If additional hours of review time are needed, the applicant will be notified and the hours billed at $98/hour. Also, if applicable, a SEPA review fee of $500 will be invoiced.

What is SEPA?

Application Review

Once Spokane Clean Air receives an NOI application and accompanying information, a 10-day public notice is posted on the agency’s webpage, and staff reviews the project to ensure that all applicable local, state and federal air pollution regulations are addressed.  A final NOI permit with approval conditions is issued along with an invoice for additional review fees, if applicable. The entire process typically takes 15-30 days after receipt of a complete application package.

Ways to keep costs down on for the NOI review:

SRCAA offers free business assistance services and is available to review a project or draft NOI application prior to submittal. Contact a SRCAA engineer prior to submitting an NOI application to schedule a meeting to review your project. You may call (509) 477-4727 and ask to speak with an engineer.

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