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  Notices of Construction & Applications for Approval (NOC) 
January 1, 2017 to date

New or modified air pollution sources are required to file a Notice of Construction (NOC) application with Spokane Clean Air. Notice of NOC applications received and announcement of a minimum 15-day public notice period is published on Spokane Clean Air’s website. A public comment period may be requested in writing during the 15-day public notice period. Upon receipt of the written request, a public comment period will be held pursuant to SRCAA Regulation I, Section 5.05.C.  NOC applications and approval listed below are available for review during business hours at the Spokane Clean Air offices. You may submit a records request form to review file(s) or call (509) 477-4727. 

2016 NOCs 

Number Source Type Company/Location Date Received Interest Deadline Date Approved
1718 New USTs at Gasoline Dispensing Facility Mike's Gas & Grocery / 2025 N. Hamilton 2/13/17 3/1/17 in comment
1717A&B Emergency Generator Sets (2) DSHS Consolidated Support Services / 800 W. Maple St, Medical Lake 2/2/17 2/18/17 under review
1716 Surface Coating Operation and Spray Booths (3) Dealer Auto Auction / 2607 N. Hayford Rd 1/26/17 2/10/17 under review
1715 Surface Coating Operation & Spray Booth Alliance Door Products / 3808 N. Sullivan, Bldg. 26 1/24/17 2/8/17 under review
1714 Gasoline Dispensing Facility Maverik Inc. / NW corner of Sullivan & Marietta 1/18/17 2/2/17 under review
1713 Spray Booth Outlaw Custom Finishes / 6310 E. Trent 1/3/17 1/22/17 in comment
1712 Emergency Generator Set Liberty Lake Water Reclamation Facility / 1926 N. Harvard Road 12/15/16 12/30/16 1/20/17
1711 Tank odor/emission controls Western States Asphalt / 4327 North Thor 12/14/16 12/29/16 1/26/17
1707 Spray Booth Servatron / 12825 E. Mirabeau Parkway 10/27/16 11/11/16 1/30/17


Notices of Intent to Install a Temporary Air Pollution Source (NOI) 
January 1, 2017 to date

Temporary sources, those that will only be in place for less that 365 days, must file a Notice of Intent (NOI) to Install a Temporary Air Pollution Source. Applications and approvals issued below are available for review at Spokane Clean Air, during business hours. You may submit a records request form to review file(s) or call (509) 477-4727. 

2016 NOIs 

Number Source Type Company Operating Location Date Received Interest Deadline  Date Approved
T559 Crushing Equipment DeAtley Crushing Co 13604 W 21st, Airway Heights 2/13/17 2/24/17 2/24/17
T558 Crushing Equipment DeAtley Crushing Co 5426 N. Old Trails Rd 1/19/17 2/2/17 2/2/17

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