Marijuana Production & Processing Requirements 

Reminder: Production exemption applications are due November 5, 2018.

Exemption is required to continue operating as an "other" producer after March 1, 2019.

If marijuana producers in Spokane County wish to continue operations as an "Other Producer", in structures that do not meet the definition of indoor, you must apply for a production exemption by 11/5/18.

Please do the following:

SRCAA must receive completed exemption application, attachments, and payment by 4:30 p.m. on 11/5/18. SRCAA cannot accept partial submittals. SRCAA cannot review applications and grant exemptions if any of the required materials or payment is late. 

In January 2018, the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency (SRCAA) adopted regulations to minimize odors and other air contaminants from marijuana production and processing operations in Spokane County. The new regulations shift the agency from a reactive, complaint-based approach to a proactive approach to protect air quality. This page provides details on the timelines, definitions and requirements. In addition, these documents are available:

►  Marijuana Production and Processing in Spokane County Info Sheet - this provides most of the same information that can be found on this page, PLUS possible measures to minimize odors and volatile organic compounds.

► Frequently-Asked Questions about the new requirements - this is a dynamic document that will be added to as commonly-asked questions arise.

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Important Dates 

► The rule effective date is March 1, 2018.

► The initial registration packet will be mailed on May 7, 2018.

► The initial registration form and initial registration fees are due by June 21, 2018.

►  Existing producers and processors in operation prior to the effective date that are not meeting the operational standards in Regulation I, Article VI, Section 6.18, have up to one year from the rule effective date to demonstrate compliance. (March 1, 2019 compliance deadline)

►   New and expanded producers and processors in operation after the effective date must meet the operational standards in Regulation I, Article VI, Section 6.18, before they begin operations.

►    All producers and processors must continue to meet Spokane Clean Air’s existing odor regulation, Regulation I, Article VI, Section 6.04. Spokane Clean Air will continue to receive and respond to odor complaints.

►     Existing “Other producers” must apply for an exemption by November 5, 2018, to continue operating as an “Other producer.”

Initial Registration, Fees

On May 7, 2018 an initial registration packet will be sent to all LCB-licensed marijuana producers and processors. The packet includes an initial registration form and initial registration fee invoice. Initial registration rees are as follows:

► Producer with processor license, per LCB tier size: Tier 1: $750;  Tier 2: $1000;  Tier 3: $1250

► Producer only: $525

► Processor only: $525

Help is available for those needing assistance completing their initial registration form. SRCAA staff are available by phone and in-person. Call 477-4727 for phone assistance. In addition, staff have set aside two days to be available for in-person appointments: May 17 and May 31, from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Drop-in on either of these dates or call to make an appointment. 

Annual Registration, Fees

After the initial registration process, facilities will register annually with SRCAA, submit an annual registration form, and pay an annual registration fee. Annual registration fees for marijuana producers and processors have been suspended by the Board for further discussion and Board direction.

Site Visits, Routine Compliance Inspections

During this first year of the marijuana registration program, SRCAA inspectors may need to make a site visit to some facilities in order to verify initial registration information and/or exemption application information.

Inspectors will continue to respond to citizen complaints about odors which may result in on-site visits.

Inspectors routinely perform compliance inspections of registered facilities in Spokane County to verify compliance with air quality requirements. Routine compliance inspections of marijuana production and processing facilities will begin after the one year compliance deadline (March 1, 2019).

Definitions and Requirements

Producer — an operation that propagates, grows, harvests, and trims marijuana to be processed. There are three distinct categories of producers: indoor, outdoor, and other, defined below.

Indoor Producer definition and requirements

Indoor producer is an operation in a fully enclosed building that is permanently affixed to the ground, has permanent rigid walls, a non-retractable roof, and doors. The building is equipped to maintain control of environmental conditions. Hoop houses, temporary structures, or other structures are not considered indoor production, they are considered “Other Producer.” Indoor Producers must:

Outdoor Producer definition and requirements 

Is an operation that occurs on an expanse of open or cleared ground (no structures of any kind) and operates during Spokane County’s customary outdoor growing season without control of environmental conditions (watering and short term covering of plants for a portion of each day as needed for frost protection are not considered control of environmental conditions.) Outdoor producers must:

"Other Producer" definition and requirements

An "Other Producer" is an existing operation that doesn’t meet the indoor or outdoor definitions. This includes hoop houses, temporary structures or other similar structures. Existing “other producers” in operation prior to the regulation effective date who wish to continue operating as an other producer must apply by submitting a completed production exemption application form with application fee by November 5, 2018. Here's what a production Exemption Order will look like. 

Other Producers must:

Processor definition and requirements 

A processor is an operation that dries, cures, extracts, compounds, converts, packages, and labels usable marijuana and marijuana concentrates. All processing must occur indoors. Processors must:

A processing exemption is available for processors that only purchase marijuana concentrate (e.g. oil) to manufacture marijuana infused products. Submit this processing exemption application form; there is no fee to apply. Processors granted an exemption are not required to register or comply with operating standards (Article VI, Section 6.18.)  Here's what a processing Exemption Order will look like. Processors must still meet SRCAA’s existing odor regulation - Regulation I, Article VI, Section 6.04.

Other Resources:

►  Marijuana Production and Processing in Spokane County Info Sheet - the information above, as well as possible measures to minimize odors and volatile organic compounds, can be found in this Info Sheet.

Frequently-Asked Questions about the new requirements - this is a dynamic document that will be added to as commonly-asked questions arise.

Concise Explanatory Statement (CES)

A summary of rulemaking and response to comments