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Silvicultural Burning

Silvicultural Debris consists of trees, stumps, limbs, needles, etc., generated on unimproved property. This type of burning is managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Unimproved Property includes lands that are not irrigated, mowed, or otherwise maintained including timbered pastures, brush lands, scrub forests, and forests.

The photo on the right depicts both unimproved property (beyond the yellow line) and unimproved property (beyond the yellow line) and  improved property (inside the yellow line)
improved property (inside the yellow line).

You may be eligible to burn silvicultural debris on unimproved property that is outside Spokane County's 13 cities, towns and their urban growth areas, under the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) permit or rule burn programs.

DNR can be reached at (509) 685-6900, or contact Spokane Clean Air with questions about your location. A DNR silvicultural debris permit information sheet explains the permit fees associated with this type of outdoor burning.

Smoke Sensitive Area - Portions of Spokane County are within the Smoke Sensitive Area because they are prone to experience elevated pollution levels due to population density and/or geographical features that trap pollutants. Additional restrictions may apply when burning silvicultural debris within this area. Smoke Sensitive Area fact sheet. For more information, call DNR, (509) 685-6900.

Residential land clearing burning - Although land clearing burning in Spokane County is prohibited by Spokane Clean Air, there may be an exception under DNR's silvicultural debris burning program to allow for burning provided the fire consists of natural vegetation cleared from less than one acre of forest land on a five acre or larger parcel of land in non-commercial ownership. Contact DNR for more information, (509) 685-6900.

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