Agricultural Burning

Agricultural burning is limited to agricultural operations only. An agricultural operation is one in which a farmer can substantiate that the operation is commercial agriculture. A farmer means any person engaged in the business of growing or producing any agricultural product for sale, upon their own lands or the land in which they have a present right of possession.

Detailed information about agricultural burning in Spokane County is provided in our Agricultural Burning Fact Sheet

Please contact Derek Aubrey prior to submitting your permit application, to ensure that you meet the criteria. He can be reached at (509) 477-4727, extension 120 or email.

Daily Agricultural Burn Decision for Spokane County: To access the daily agricultural burn decision, please call the recording at 477-4710 after 9 am, Monday - Friday. The recorded message will specify whether or not agricultural burning is allowed for that day, based on air quality conditions. This applies to all agricultural burning, including Incidental Burning conducted without a written permit. More information on agricultural burning, including Incidental Burning, is provided in our Agricultural Burning Fact Sheet.