Asbestos Forms and Publications

A. Forms for all audiences

  1. Notice of Intent (NOI) application form for asbestos projects and demolitions
  2. E-NOI – electronic submittal and payment for asbestos projects and demolitions 
  3. Waste Shipment Record/Manifest         

B. Forms for asbestos professionals, others

  1. NOI Amendment
  2. Annual Notification Form
  3. Temporary Waste Storage Application
  4. Quarterly Report Form 

C. Publications 

  1. Renovation, Demolition & Asbestos – An overview of  asbestos requirements for homeowners and contractors
  2. Asbestos in your Home? General information with a home diagram of where asbestos may be present
  3. Asbestos & Demolition Service Providers   
  4. Asbestos Abatement Contractors: Are you Ready for an Inspection?
  5. Disposal of Asbestos-Containing Material  
  6. Need an Asbestos Survey?
  7. Need Asbestos Removed?
  8. Removal Guide for  Spray-on, "Popcorn" Textured Ceilings, for homeowner-occupant doing the work
  9. Removal Guide: Cement Asbestos Siding, for homeowner-occupant doing the work
  10. Removal Guide: Sheet Vinyl Flooring. for homeowner-occupant doing the work
  11. Vermiculite Insulation Containing Asbestos 

D.  Publications for asbestos professionals, others

  1. Asbestos Survey Guidance for AHERA Building Inspectors
  2. Asbestos Survey Checklist 
  3. Alternate Asbestos Surveys for AHERA Building Inspectors             
  4. Damaged Structures 
  5. Multiple Asbestos Projects and/or Demolitions

  6. Nonfriable Roofing
  7. Soil Sampling Protocol
  8. When are Alternate Asbestos Project Work Practices Necessary 
  9. Structural Fire Training Exercises by Fire Protection Agencies


E.  Other resources

  1. SRCAA Regulation I, Article IX - Asbestos Control Standards
  2. U.S. EPA Asbestos website       
  3. Washington L&I website