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Renovating or Demolishing a Home or Structure

If your project does not qualify as an owner-occupied, single family residence, you need to follow these requirements for any renovation or demolition project.

1. Survey - An asbestos survey must be conducted by an AHERA Building Inspector prior to renovation or demolition activities. A copy of the asbestos survey must be posted in a readily accessible and visible area at the work site at all times. If it is not practical to post the asbestos survey in this manner, it must be made readily available for inspection by Spokane Clean Air and all persons at the work site.

2. Removal - If Asbestos is found it must be removed by a certified asbestos abatement contractor prior to renovation if it is likely to be disturbed during the renovation and prior to any demolition. Refer to the permit information below.

Asbestos Removal Permit (NOI)

A Notice of Intent (NOI) permit for asbestos removal must be submitted to Spokane Clean Air prior to removal if the amount of asbestos to be removed is 10 or more linear feet and/or 48 or more square feet, per structure, per calendar year. Fees typically start at $250 and increase based on the amount of asbestos being removed. The abatement contractor generally files the NOI, but the owner and owner’s agents should request a copy.

Demolition Permit (NOI)

In addition, an NOI for demolition must be submitted to Spokane Clean Air at least 10 days prior to demolition. The NOI fee for demolition is $250, but is waived when asbestos removal fees are applicable. For demolition of an owner-occupied, single family residence, there is a three-day waiting period and a $30 fee. 

Forms, fees, and resources

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