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Announcing the launch of our new website

The new Spokane Clean Air website displayed on a phone, tablet, computer and laptop.

We are pleased to announce that we’ll be launching our newly-designed website on May 5! (Please note that it could take several hours for the transfer to complete so we appreciate your patience!)

The new website aims to be easier to navigate, more user-friendly, responsive to mobile devices and ADA accessible. It will also quickly load on all platforms. 

“We know that many in our community rely on our website to help them plan their day and to check updated hourly air quality,” said Lisa Woodard, Spokane Clean Air’s Communications and Outreach Manager. “Much thought and care went into ensuring our information is accessible to all with the newly designed website.”

The new website will provide visitors with an easier way to access items like current air quality and burn restriction information. It will also be more intuitive for the business community to navigate and find useful information. 

As with the launch of any new website, there may be things we missed or we can improve upon, which is why we will have a website feedback form in the footer of every webpage. It is an easy-to-use form for letting us know of any issues our users find on the new site. We encourage our website visitors to let us know of any issues using the feedback form.

We also encourage internet active users to update their browsers to the newest version available for the optimal experience on the world wide web. Our new site will work best on the most recent two versions of most web browsers.

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