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Airway Heights air monitoring station

air monitor at Airway Heights

Airway heights air quality monitoWe are pleased to report that the air quality monitoring station at Sunset Elementary School in Airway Heights has been reinstated, after closing nearly two years ago when construction began at the school. The station measures fine particle pollution (PM2.5) and is one of six monitoring stations in Spokane County.

Spokane Clean Air and our partner, the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology), operate air quality monitoring stations in Spokane County.  The network of monitoring sites sample ozone, fine particles (PM2.5) and coarse particles (PM10).

The ground-level ozone monitors are operated by Ecology and run only during ozone season, which is May 1 through September. During these months, ozone readily forms due to hot and sunny conditions; during winter and spring, ozone levels are so low that it is inefficient to operate sampling equipment.

(Pictured to the right: Air quality monitor located in Airway Heights.)

Monitoring air quality is a key function of our agency, enabling us to:

  • Report current air quality and provide a 2-day air quality forecast
  • Issue temporary restrictions on wood heating and outdoor burning
  • Help people use this information to make clean air choices

Below is a list of current air monitoring stations in Spokane County. Select a station to get more information.

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