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AirNow Mobile App Gets a New Look

Searching for an easy way to access current and forecasted air quality? EPA’s AirNow has the solution in the palm of your hand. With a sleek new look and improved functionality, the AirNow mobile app is free and works for both Apple and Android devices.

Once downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, simply enter your city or area code and an easy to read dial displays the current air quality. You can also access the daily air quality forecast, including a detailed forecast discussion. This air quality information helps you plan daily activities and protect your health.

The app automatically displays the current AQI (Air Quality Index) for your local area or any area you wish to check, and allows you to store multiple areas for quick reference.

MORE! Smoke Sense Study: A Citizen Science Project Using a Mobile App

To better understand wildfire smoke and the people it affects, EPA created a mobile app called Smoke Sense. The app taps into citizen science by allowing users to contribute information and observations that will be used to further advance scientific understanding of wildfire smoke.

The study is the first of its kind known to use a mobile application to evaluate health effects from wildland fires experienced by those who participate, and to test whether health risks can be communicated effectively through resources and engagement delivered with the app.  

Individuals who want to contribute to science can participate in the study by using the Smoke Sense app, a free mobile application on the Google Play™ Store and the Apple App™ Store. Smoke Sense is available in both English and Spanish.   



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