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Clean Air Choices -  At Work 

Employees and employers across the region are embracing practices that are good for the environment and for their bottom line.  Below are a few ideas on how you, your co-workers and even your boss can improve the quality of the air we share.


Pack a lunch - Keep the car in the parking lot during lunch and enjoy a sack lunch. Try this for two weeks and see how you feel. Your wallet, your waistline and your frame of mind might all notice a difference!  

Out of office meetings - If you attend meetings outside of the office, consider carpooling with others attending the same meeting. If the meeting location is close enough, consider walking.

Commute options - Explore other ways to get to work, such as riding the bus, carpooling, walking or bicycling. You will save money on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. Need help finding another way? Check out a new online tool, Commute Finder Northwest.


Partner with Commute Smart Northwest - Many employers support the use of commute alternatives such as riding the bus, vanpooling, carpooling, walking, bicycling, alternate work schedules and working from home. Providing commute options is an employee benefit that many employers use as a recruitment incentive. Reducing single occupant vehicle travel is a win-win for employees and employers. Free resources are available from Commute Smart Northwest. 

Employer-Sponsored Bus Pass ProgramSTA's Employer Sponsored Bus Pass Program allows employers to purchase discounted passes. STA will sell monthly passes to the company or organization at a discount of $3.00 per pass provided that the company or organization agrees to pass that savings on to the employees and offer an additional discount of not less than $3.00 per pass. If any employer has a minimum of 100 people who wish to participate in the program, and the employer will make passes available to all employees at no cost, then STA will sell passes to the employer at a 25 percent discount.

  1. When you as an employer provide a discount of up to $3 for your employee to purchase a STA 31-day bus pass, STA will match up to a $3 savings for each pass (a $45 adult bus pass would cost just $39 for the employee).
  2. If you have a minimum of 100 employees that participate, and you provide the passes to employees at no cost, you’ll receive a 25% savings on 31-day bus passes.
  3. Ask about transit tax incentives available to employers.

Contact STA for more details. 

Recycle old electronics & properly dispose of waste -
 Many businesses replace computers and other electronic items regularly, or generate dangerous wastes or other material wastes. Don't throw these items in the trash --many components are recyclable and some computers can be rebuilt and donated to non-profits. For more information vist the
Spokane Waste Directory or call the Recycling Hotline, 625-6800.

Join EnviroCertifiedStarsEnviroCertified is a program that certifies businesses that are properly managing and reducing their hazardous materials and wastes. To qualify, the business must be located in Spokane County, must not generate large quantities of hazardous wastes, and must complete a local source control consultation and an EnviroStars checklist. To pursue becoming an EnviroStars-certified business, call (509) 847-4337.  



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