Wildfire Smoke

Like much of the western U.S., our region has seen an increase in the number of unhealthy air quality days caused by wildfire smoke. During three of the last four years, smoke from wildfires resulted in 42 days of unhealthy air in the Spokane County metro area.

Wildfire  Season  

# of days smoke from wildfires failed to meet federal, health-based air quality standards

2019 2
2018  13
2017  16
2016 0
2015 13
2014 1
2013 0
2012 2
2011 0
2010 1

Wildfire smoke can travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles from a fire causing significant air pollution events. Fine particles in smoke can pose a health threat particularly for children, older adults and people with heart or lung disease. Though healthy individuals are not usually at major risk from short-term exposures, it's important for everyone's health to reduce exposure where possible.

While we can't predict what the smoke impacts will be this summer, we can be prepared. Below are some recommendations and on the left are links to additional resources.

Because we may experience significant smoke again, it’s wise to be prepared. Our partner, the Spokane Regional Health District, provides health-related information about wildfire smoke as well as home and emergency preparedness steps.

Check out Frequently-asked questions for helpful information about wildfire smoke.