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Air Quality Reports, Studies, and Maps

Air Quality Reports: 

Determining Attainment of Air Quality Standards:

When EPA sets or revises a national standard, Washington uses air monitoring data to determine if air quality in the state meets the new or revised standard. Based on this data, Washington can make recommendations to EPA about how to designate areas of the state. EPA will make the final decision about how to designate each area. Possible designations are: 

In the past, Spokane has been in nonattainment for both carbon monoxide (CO) and Particulate Matter (PM10). We are in attainment now and below are related attainment and maintenance plans. The Federal Clean Air Act requires states to develop plans for protecting and maintaining air quality in all areas of the state. It also requires states to develop specific plans for bringing nonattainment areas back into attainment. The plans are called State Implementation Plans (SIPs). Learn more about SIPs and see SIP documents.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Spokane CO Maintenance Area Map

Spokane CO Limited Maintenance Plan, 2015-2025 with Appendix A & B, Appendix C-E

CO first 10-year maintenance plan summary, 2005

CO attainment plan summary, 1997

Particulate Matter (PM10)

Spokane PM10 Maintenance Area Map

Spokane PM10 Limited Maintenance Plan (LMP), 2015-2025Federal Register Approval of PM10 LMP

Spokane Solid Fuel Burning Device LMP, 2015-2025
Federal Register Approval of SFBD LMP

Spokane PM10 first 10-year maintenance plan summary, 2005

Spokane PM10 attainment plan summary, 1997 


Emissions Inventory

The Washington State Department of Ecology conducts a comprehensive Emissions Inventory for the state every three years, which includes detailed information about emissions for specific source categories (e.g. railroads or outdoor burning) by county.

Special Projects in the Spokane area: 


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