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Burn Restrictions

Burning Restrictions


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Our Mission:

"Preserve, enhance and protect Spokane County's air resource for current and future generations."

Regulations & Fees

We encourage business owners and residents to be familar with our regulations, which are linked below. New and revised regulation documents are uploaded on or near their effective date, not their adoption date. If you would like these documents in another format, please contact us.

Regulation Updates

Stay up to date with proposed regulations and related public comment periods and public hearings. 

Consolidated Fee Schedule

Click here to view or download the current consolidated fee schedule. Refer to Regulation I, Article X: Fees and Charges, listed below for more information. 

Regulation I

6.01 - outdoor burning
6.02 - visible emissions
6.03 - incinerators
6.04 - emissions of an air contaminant detrimental to person; property
6.05 - particulate matter; preventing PM from becoming airborne
6.06 - emission of air contaminant or water vapor, detriment to persons or property
6.07 - emission of air contaminant concealment and masking restricted
6.08 - report of breakdown
6.09 - reserved
6.10 - repealed
6.11 - agricultural burning
6.12 - reserved
6.13 - general surface coating
6.14 - standards for controlling PM on paved surfaces
6.15 - standards for controlling PM on unpaved surfaces
6.16 - repealed
6.17 - standards for municipal solid waste combustors
6.18 - standards for marijuana producers and processors


Appendix - The adoption history for Regulation I and Regulation II

Regulation II

Repealed in 2004 and incorporated into Regulation I.

State and Federal rules and regulations

You can search for referenced State and Federal rules and regulations at the following links:


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