Advisory Council Minutes Archive

The Advisory Council typically meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. Below are meeting minutes that have been approved. If you are interested in minutes prior to 2014, you may use this Records Request Form or call (509) 477-4727, ext. 116.


2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
 Jan Dec Dec  Dec - mtg cancelled  Dec Dec Dec
 Feb Nov  Nov - mtg cancelled  Nov - mtg cancelled Nov - cancelled Nov - cancelled Nov - cancelled
 Mar - no mtg Oct  Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct
 Apr - no mtg Sep Sep - cancelled  Sep Sep Sep Sep
 May - no mtg Aug  Aug  Aug Aug - cancelled  Aug Aug cancelled
Jun - no mtg  Jul  July  Jul Jul  Jul Jul
July  Jun - cancelled  June  Jun Jun Jun Jun
 Aug - no mtg May  May  May May May  May
  Apr  April Apr - mtg cancelled  Apr Apr  Apr
  Mar - cancelled Mar - no mtg   Mar - mtg cancelled Mar - mtg cancelled Mar Mar
  Feb - cancelled Feb - no mtg   Feb Feb Feb Feb
  Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan