Advisory Council 

A 9-member, volunteer Advisory Council meets monthly to advise and consult with the Board and the Director in carrying out the purposes of the Washington Clean Air Act and the agency's mission. Council members have experience in various fields including agriculture, industry, health, science and fire protection. Interested applicants apply for 4-year positions which are appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Advisory Council typically meets the fourth Thursday of the month, except November and December, from  8-9 a.m., at the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency's office, 3104 E. Augusta Avenue.  Advisory Council meetings are open to the public.

Public Health: Ray Byrne, R.S., Vice Chair 

Agriculture: Chester Jahns, Jr.

Air Quality: Jana McDonald

Business Community: Hal Ophus

Chemistry/Science:  Ronald Edgar

Environment: Deborah Bisenius

Fire Protection: Douglas M. Bleeker

Industry: Bernard Leber

Member-at-Large / Citizen Representative: Dr. Tony Masiello